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Reborn! Stamp a Hitman!


Reborn! Rating Planet!
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All Members , Moderated
The Katekyo Hitman Reborn! stamping community

Why, hello thar ~~ Here's the next Katekyo Hitman Reborn! rating, since the admins seems to have gone inactive at the other one. So, what's a rating? Well, a place to be rated. You fill out the application below, and the other members will decide which Katekyo Hitman Reborn! character you resemble the most. Have fun!


1. Be nice to each other! Rule nr. 1, people!

2. Please vote on at least three other applications, so everyone will get rated.

3. Okay, you don't have to wait a certain amount of time before you reapply, but please don't post the same application twice.

4. Fill out the application as detailed as you can; three words/question won't do it.

5. Do always post the application behind a lj-cut.

6. Please bold your votes to make it easier for us to count them

7. Also, please consider the differences between the TYL! and Non-TYL! characters.

8. Always make sure your votes are screened.

9. Type EXTREME! somewhere in the subject line to show that you have read the rules


Can I apply for old themes?
Please do!

May I post a friends application?
Yes, you may.

How long will it take until I get rated?
After a least seven votes, where at least three is the same character.

I don't think the character I got fits me...
Then apply again! As many times as you want!

There's a grammar mistake *place*
>__< Please point if out! English is not my native language.

Can I vote on a character who hasn't a stamp yet?
Yes! But please avoid characters like 5YL! and stuff like that, it's impossible to make stamps for them.

Can I be a mod?
The more, the merrier!


Matchmaking theme - May13/June13
Ring Guardian theme - June13/July13
Relationship theme - June13/July13
Mirror theme - July13/August13
Killed By theme - July13/August13
Family Theme - Ended
Opposite Theme - Ended
Songs Theme - Ended

FOR THE CURRENT THEME; Please click Here.



Lj-user: mytwopaws
Stamped as: HibirdBel ~
Applications: General
Position: Vongola Sky
Zat, known to posses neither a real life nor a sanity, is the pimp of this community. She spends most of her time here, doing pointless tasks noone notices anyway, and stalking the members. If she finds you interesting, she is likely to show up outside your house when you least expect it. Also, she knows where you live, who you mother is, and what brand of bread you prefer. If you notice something strange and flashing, don’t worry, it’s probably just her and her camera, and you can easily distract her with sushi. Zat is also very naive, tell her where to find a dragon, and she will run off to get it, although not stupid – you should watch out with what you tell her, despite never remembering to do her homework and people's names, she will remember what you tell her, and she will use it against you given the chance. And for god's sake, do not put her in a kitchen; you don’t want to get completely destroyed.


Lj-user: dj_mewmew
Stamped as: Byakuran
Applications: General, Matchmaking
Position: Outside Advisor
Taylor is her real name, but Taffi or Djmewmew is good too~ There are too many Taylors in this world anyway. She’s a freshman in high school who has a tendency to try to overachieve. She might be batshit insane like her stamp, Byakuran, but that’s probably only when she’s had Brisk iced tea or pixie sticks. She ate 87 of those once you know. She’s only partially insane the rest of the time. Also, weirdly enough, she works part-time in a flower shop. Go figure right? This is her first time modding, and she’s loving it, even if various projects keep her away from the comm for long periods of time. It’s great when she wants to procrastinate though. Prone to, ranting, using CAPSLOCK OF EXTREME and emotes~ And that ‘~’ thing. Because she’s an expressive talker and stupid internet can’t convey her tone otherwise.


Lj-user: suruma
Stamped as: Haru desu!
Applications: General, Matchmaking, Ring
Position: Vongola Storm
First thing's first: You do NOT want to be in a room alone with this girl. Especially if she drank tea at her last meal. Poki is her nickname- and she's a rather shy and smart girl. On the outside. She's hyperactive and loud, and overreacts like Haru. Although she's mostly happy, her expression is usually neutral. She's also a sadist. She loves torturing people for fun (especially her friends) and in return gets tortured herself (by said friends). She's usually the first to do something different, and can get very obsessive. The next time you walk down the streets wearing a shirt that says "27" on it, don't be surprised when a chinese girl with short hair pops up in front of you and asks you where you got it. Poki sometimes speaks in third person, and also likes pocky. Which is where she got her nickname from. Her selective hearing makes her a very bad eavesdropper, and making ordinary sentences sound wrong is her specialty. Choose your words carefully around this girl-- or else.


Lj-user: frail_fairytale
Stamped as: TYL!Lal
Applications: General 2,General,Matchmaking,Matchmaking 2
Position: Vongola Mist
Stamp_a_Hitman's Mist Guardian is a sly and decieving person. Most call her Shelby, obviously her name, and she's the youngest mod by approximately one year. Despite this, she likes to lurk around, do mindless tasks like sorting things into alphabetical order and organizing the memories, and give very in-deph ratings to people. In real life however, in the fall she'll be attending an arts highschool for writing, her other passion besides psychology (and Reborn). It's very hard to understand her, and she's been told she's a very difficult person. Even with this, the two main characters that she's been paired up with are Byakuran and Gokudera, but remains loyal to her favorite characters - Lal Mirch and Yamamoto's dad. Needless to say, don't cross her or she'll undoubtedly manipulate you - unless you bribe her with either a cat or mirror. In general; she's a lovely person.


Lj-user: allodole
Stamped as: TYL!Hibari
Applications: General 2, General, Matchmaking
Position: Vongola Cloud
Nicknamed Revy or skylark, she's a selfish, perfectionist student, that hates studying and boredom. To this community she ran into accidentally and now lurks around, voting here and there. Soon-to-be-writer, a person you can never chain down against her will. Once in a while, she may hide her sadness behind icy facade, only to fool people. She spends most of her days thinking too much, hating nearly everything. It's hard to get her to admit that she likes something or someone honestly. Reborn! is one of her sacred things. She likes most of the characters, but sometimes enjoys hating what everyone else loves. Her favourites remain the same through the series, Hibari, Tsuna and the Cavallone boss~. Oh, and she has a love-hate-relationship with Mukuro. Approach with care.

r a a y a

Lj-user: soapbar
Stamped as: XANXUS
Applications: General
Position: Varia Sky
Star Sign:Sagittarius
Weaknesses:Careless, Impatient, Restless
Strengths:Ambitious, Focused, Optimistic
Mbti/Ennegram type:Entj/Three
f a v o r i t e s
Movies:Big Bang Love, Blue Spring, Fight Club


Lj-user: xtiggzie
Stamped as: Byakuran/Haru/Lambo
Applications: General, Matchmaking, Ring
Position: Varia Storm
Oh haha, Varia Storm?
Name's Britty! Female but personality says otherwise.
Basically, I caps-lock through life, and I'm extremely happy and also really random.
I tend to bounce moods alot and I smile alot.. for some reason.
I'm a really friendly person so don't be afraid to talk:D?
I believe that if you believe in something it'll happen.
So I'm going to rule the world one day!!!!!
k bye


Lj-user: nerrin
Stamped as: Hibari Kyoya
Applications: General. Matchmaking. Ring.
Position: Varia Mist
Nerrin. Asian. A Scorpio through and through. Born November the 14th, which is a perfectly lovely date, thank you very much. Writes @ black_butler. [/pimping] Delights in predicting the futures of characters. Is an asshole. A NICE ASSHOLE. She capslocks, she's FUN, and hell - she's always up for a good ol' ride of adventure. Major fandoms include KHR, Hetalia, Eyeshield 21 and Prince of Tennis. Drop her a note, she'll be glad to have you. Just don't piss her off or she'll rip you a new one. AND SHE HATES SHOJO. Don't talk to her about that. But she's funny, okay? ...And probably an insane weirdo, but what gives?


Lj-user: fishkro
Stamped as: Belphegor
Position: Varia Cloud
I’m not going to type a lot here. Why read this when you can find out for yourself, isn’t it so? I’m not going to ramble on in third-person, no thank you, because I’m awesome enough to ramble on in first-person. I get tired of people quickly and I’m extremely individualistic; don’t try to tell me I remind you of someone else, because you’ll promptly get your eyeballs gouged out in the worst way possible. I’m told I’m difficult to get along with, and usually the case is because I don’t want to. But I’m sure once you get to know me I’m a very nice person, mm? ♥


Lj-user: kumorigachii
Stamped as: Hibari
Applications: general, ring
Position: Millefiore Cloud
Cloud and Hibari, how fitting.
Lazy, uncaring, sarcastic, cynical, and aloof. The best words of discription. Posts graphics on zoushoku. Enjoys reading, writing, drawing, studying, conversing in Japanese, photoshoping, fighting, and sleeping. Rarely gets along well with people, at all. Extremely anti-social. Slightly Hibari obsessed. Also very self-centered.


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